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Richie Davis

House Re-Design



For this project I have worked with BexleyCo Homes to redesign one of their new build houses in Sidcup. I wanted to add to the redesign of the house instead of just doing a normal redesign so with this project I have redesigned the home to be more sustainable and more eco-friendly. Within the house I have used materials that are both sustainable and recyclable so that if the house gets renovated in the future the materials that get thrown away will be able to help the environment as it will be able to be recycled or even reused. The main material I have used within the house is bamboo because through research I found out about how good it is for the environment and how good it is as a material. The flooring for the bottom floor will be completely made from bamboo wood along with lots of the furniture within the house, including the dining room table and the desks within the study. With the re-design of the house, I have also added roof solar panels to the house. Solar panels are going to be super important when it comes to helping the environment because of the way it can produce electricity, the ones of the house are going to be able to work 24/7, 365 days a year even when there is little light. These panels are also more aesthetically pleasing rather then having the eye sore ones that do not match the rest of the house. 

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