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Sonny Murphy




My project is about my sanctuary and I did it about gaming because it is one of the closest things to me. I have created an A1 peace of art, filled with all the games I have played. Also, all the consoles I’ve played on for my final piece. Because it relates to my project and I can show my love for these things I played. I really liked doing this project because it gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do. I thought out this project and I learnt a lot more things about art, especially the abstract side of things. I have used a lot of materials but my favourite one and the one that I use in my final project is the coloured pens, more pacifically sharpies pens. When I used them, they gave the full pop art effect, especially when I added the blackout line.

With most of the game characters and Icons I put in they all have some back story and I have a sentimental attachment, like the Nessie plushie. Whenever I see that it reminds me of all the times, I have played the game and friends I have made. Some of my closest friends I made are because of this game and I wanted to add it in because it reminds me of those times.

Even the colours I have a connection with. I used two of my favourite colours, dark blue and purple for the background. Even with the colours of the consoles I used a colour pallet for each one, but for the big one I combined all of them together.