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Stephen Kennedy

University Dorms



My main aim of this project was to create an immersive dorm room design for University students in a block of University flats, also increasing the storage capabilities and capacity. Mental health also played a significant part of this project, and this is due to many University students being confined to their dorm room during the COVID-19 global pandemic. As my partner is currently at University, I was able to obtain primary research and all the measurements needed for the project; I was able to gain first-hand information on what being a University student during these times is like.


Throughout the project, I had to overcome many obstacles, for example I was unable to obtain official floorplans from the University of Kent as they are not allowed to hand them out to the public. During this project, I have tried different primary research methods, like using MDF and paint samples to create a textures colour palette. I have created multiple visual representations of my design, and this includes perspective drawings, a 3D SketchUp model, and a 3D model made from card using the laser cutter. My end card model came out better than expected, having the floorplan engraved on each individual floor, and have a base with a written plaque on it to give it a more professional look.