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Ted Higgins

XERT – Training App Prototype 



For my project, I produced a training application prototype based on the premise of improving the user experience for elite and recreational running athletes. The main concept of my app was to provide an all-encompassing platform for my targeted demographic; informed by both functionality and practicality. Alongside my app, I established the ‘XERT’ brand and produced branding guidelines that would inform the company’s future, appropriately presenting my brand in a sophisticated and professional manner. 


My final outcome is a fully interactive application prototype, with the user’s experienced being the most significant attribute – ensuring it benefits their training to help them progress and develop within the sport they love. The project was informed and justified collectively between myself and other individuals that have varied levels of experience within the sport. This provided my project with insightful perspectives, suggestions and ideas that helped guide my successful creative direction.


Instagram: @designed.by.ted