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Temi Sofowora

Escape to the Dream-World



My aim for my project was to create a what if concept of if I became a music artist as my career more specifically a DJ, this idea came to be from an artist that became an inspiration to me, named Nujabes, who specialised into creating hip-hop beats and was the originator of chill-hop and lofi music. 


I was to create a self-portrait album cover design, that shows two versions of me one that is my real self, and the other is that of an illustration, they represent me as if my mind is drifting from reality into my own world. The reason why my real self is red is to show the negative emotions I feel, stress, vulnerability and anger which is shown by the red and the illustration that is blue shows my change in mood, showing that with the use of music my stress disappears and changes into something more peaceful, the simplicity of the illustration helps reflect the aspect. The style mostly came from me, but I took a lot of inspiration from designs that focused on the half face style, an example of that would be Sam Spratt, one of his designs I looked up from my research pretty much led my final design to be the way it is now.

Self Portrait Completed.jpg