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Thomas Fernandes

Bishop John Robinson Primary Courtyard 



As my initial project concept, I want to redesign an indoor garden for a primary school, based in Thamesmead. During 2020, the world was drastically changed by the Corona Virus. Debatably, the biggest impact this had was preventing children from attending school. I aim to make a better use of the space and try to redesign it so that pupils and teachers can take full advantage of the space. Additionally, I want to try to include alternate purposes that can benefit the architecture around it. In order to achieve this, I intend to conduct research covering all bases that concern the school, COVID 19 as well as both Interior and Architectural Design.


As well as this, outside factors such as social research and surveys will prove to be very important, when starting my designs. From this, I plan to start sketching various designs whilst building on my current skills and drawing development. Furthermore, I plan to make a concept model on Sketchup and various physical 3D models. In order to complete this, I will set myself a timetable plan in order to stay on track with completing daily targets. These targets will be set on SMART target sheets I have used on previous projects. Finally, I will use my time efficiently both between the college studio and at home, allowing myself to share time equally on working in both an independent and creative environment.

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