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Tiegan Bliss




My final project is about my great nan with her dementia. What I did was, I wrote some information about dementia and how does it affect the brain. Some of the questions I asked myself are: What kind of early stages do you get dementia? What was she like with dementia? I wrote some information about her, such as what her life was like when she had dementia, where she was from, her past and her family tree. I chose this because I wanted to know more about my great nan as I didn’t know much about her since I rarely got to visit her when I was younger.

I made this by using lots of paper, card and acetate while turning it into a collage about my great nan. What I did was I wrote information about dementia and my great nan. I added some pictures of her. And some drawings.  I want people to learn that dementia can affect anyone with old age, they can forget who their family is because it is affecting their brain in many ways and it can cause a rift between family members because they have forgotten who they are.