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Tom Bywater

Fashion Brand Project 



For my project I decided to create a whole fashion brand to help set me up for next year when I attend university. My fashion brand is called TZClothing. Within the fashion brand I decided to include logo, clothing tag and packaging designs. As well as a website and social media. For my logo I created 3 different varieties of the same logo for different parts of my fashion brand. For the clothing tags I created just one design. As for the packaging, I decided to create 2 different types of packaging. A polythene material bag, which came in 2 different sizes and a cardboard tube design that was made to look like a Greek pillar. As for the social media aspect of things I decided to create an Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and a Behance account to help with resources and the publication side of the business. As for my website, it has been set up with placeholders for items for sale which will be updated when I have clothes designed and ready to sell on the website. It also includes links to social media as well as includes contact details like my business email address.