Metatron Onyx


This sculpture was made from air dry clay the wings crafted from wire and the feathers were prepared and hand cut from paper. I created this piece of work during the first lockdown of March 2020 as a response to the syllabus 'Difference' and chose to focus on the sub unit of religion and culture.  The aim of my project was to explore the overwhelming lack of diversity shown  in a lot of religious texts and relics. 


In many churches the depiction is often  a white European man with long, wavy brown hair, and pale blue eyes, harkening to the ill placed concept and ideals of western beauty being 'god like'  near perfectionism.   I wanted to counteract this outdated notion by exploring the history of  mans origins by sculpting a man of  Nigerian heritage in a position of reverence, wisdom and beauty.


The angel that I intended to create was angel Metatron, an archangel who is believed  in  both Judaism and Christianity as the recording angel who teaches  people how to use their power for good, spiritual fire, wisdom, and divine light.