Soul of Serenity


The piece above was the second phase of the first sculpture.  The aim of my project was to highlight the importance of my culture as a British African and my personal faith in God. The topic given on 'difference' caused me to think afresh and reimagine a new perspective on the topic of Archangels from a Pentecostal Christian perspective.


I created a sculpture of Archangel Uriel who is the angel of wisdom, he is often said to be the 'light of God' or commonly known as the 'Angel of Prophecies', hence my choosing to centre the Bible on a plinth and spraying it gold for effect. It is said that Uriel is the angel you can call upon if you're feeling worried, anxious or if you desire to feel peaceful and more at ease.


A soft skill that I love to use within my work and Archangel Uriel uses in delivering messages is heightened intuition; something that I feel we could all use more of to help motivate and deal with relationships in our day to day lives.