Zoe Black

The Bodies of the Damned


Firstly I would like to put a trigger warning on this for mental health issues and suicide. My final piece was based upon the medieval poem ‘Inferno’ written by Dante Alighieri but posthumously published in 1472. The poem was centered around the structure of Hell; it was the first time Hell had been expanded into a place. 

While researching deeper I came across a part of the Inferno which intrigued me. It was called ‘The Wood of Suicide’ in where if you had attempted or taken your own life you were damned there. It is a forest full of trees however the trees are disfigured people. The process behind it is that if you do not respect your body in the life you’re given then you are stripped of it in the afterlife.

I then ventured into the worldwide lockdowns which have put enormous pressure onto our mental health. I found many articles supporting the theory that suicide had increased during lockdown and I knew I wanted to base my piece around the subject. Though it is raw it is important and needs to be heard.

I created my final piece from clay and painted it in the colours that I saw when I was reading the poem. I also made little paper masks and gloves that have become part of our daily lives. My main aim is to spread awareness that although everyone is going through the same event not everyone feels the same. We aren’t in the same boat. You should always check up on the people you care about while you still can. 

Final Piece pic 2.HEIC
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